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An energetic and experienced IT professional. For all of my career, I have been connected with the technology sector. I have had a somewhat eclectic pathway, pursuing a number of different avenues, including some entrepreneurial ventures stemming from some of my passion projects.

The common thread throughout all positions I have held in my career, all across the world, is an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, innovation and dedication to outstanding customer service or problem solving. Whether in my capacity as entrepreneur, enterprise architect, analyst, consultant or otherwise, I have a demonstrated track record of using different techniques, technologies, methodologies, and processes to achieve a deep understanding of the customer’s business, challenges, and opportunities. Done properly, once that deep knowledge gathering exercise has occurred, it builds trust, rapport, and credibility with the customer, to allow the team to deliver value to the customer.

Like many, throughout my career, I have had the great fortune of working with excellent colleagues and for excellent organizations. I have also worked for organizations that were still finding their niche of excellence. All of these opportunities have taught me many things; about leadership, mentorship, and adaptability.


Business Analysis

Level: Proficient

No formal education as a Business Analyst.

An experienced Business Analyst since 1997 and a skill that allowed me to pursue International Opportunities in Europe and North America.

I.T Strategy

Level: Competent

Developed a 5 year Strategic Plan for Municipal Affairs that included adoption of new technologies (Robotic Process Automation) and a budget within the constraints of the Departments capital plan.

This also included the development of a repository and reporting application to manage and report on the process.

Project Management

Level: Competent

The high tech industry has exposed me to many methodologies including both Waterfall and now Scrum. I am in the process of becoming a Scrum Master, follow the Agile Manifesto and implement using Sprints.


Level: Proficient

I have been practicing the Agile Manifesto since working at GTS Telecoms in the United Kingdom between 2000 and 2004. This approach includes Scrum, backlog prioritization, and iterative development.


Level: Beginner

I have practiced the skills associated with Scrum all of my working career as I have focused on small, high priority work items.

I am planning on becoming a Scrum Certified Master (CSM) in 2023.

Machine Learning

Level: Beginner

I have been experimenting with Machine Learning since 2016 and have completed various courses with Udacity as well as obtaining a Certificate as a Machine Learning Technician from the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) who are a highly regarded institution for Machine Learning.

  • Machine Learning Certificate - AMII - 2021
  • Bertelsmann Scholarship Winner - 2020
  • Udacity - AWS Fundamentals in Machine Learning - 2020
  • Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree - 2018


Level: Competent

I have been using Next.js since version 5 (February 2018) and have developed all of my projects with this React library since then. More than 50 projects have been created including this site, a Dementia Caregiver Site, and a site for a start-up to find the best used-car deal.


Level: Beginner

I have been working with React for several years now but have only recently (2023) decided to begin a learning phase and a re-focus as the changes introduced in React 18 are significant and powerful.


Level: Proficient

Once upon a time it was Python, now it is JavaScript. Over time I have picked up quite a solid understanding of JavaScript and with the addition of more formalized training I am beginning to become more proficient.

Education includes:

- University of Alberta - Full Stack Developer Diploma (In-progress)

- University of London - Varying modules such as Introduction to Programming 1 and 2

Sanity CMS

Level: Competent

Sanity.io is a Headless Content Management System (CMS) that focuses on the concept of 'content as data'.

I am reasonably competent with Sanity, Sanity Studio and the CLI and this entire website is constructed with Sanity as the content back end.

JAM Stack

Level: Competent

Jam Stack is an architectural approach that decouples the web experience layer from the data and business logic.

I have been using this architectural framework since my initial work with Next.js 7, and over the years have kept with this architecture as Next.js has evolved to Next.js 13.

The concept of a composable architecture is something I am deeply interested in.


Level: Competent

I have been working with Python for 2 decades and I am constantly learning, although my focus more recently has been on Next.js and Node.js.

Formal Education includes:

- University of Alberta - Full Stack Developer Diploma

- University of London - Various modules within the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree


Level: Beginner

I began exploring Rust when Next.js announced that they had built a new compiler, TurboPack, to replace webPack.

At this stage I am reading the Rust documentation and working through their tutorials.

Full Stack Developer

Level: Proficient

Most of my work as a Full Stack Developer has been building out web applications for two startups, a couple of my own projects, and websites for friends.

Education includes the Full Stack Developer Diploma at the University of Alberta, Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of London, and the Udacity Nano-degree for Full Stack Web Development.

- FlashBidz - A site to help a buyer find the best used car deal in the market

- The Dementia Association - A Caregiver support application assisting Caregivers of people with Dementia to navigate the complexity of the health system

- My portfolio site.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Level: Beginner

I have worked with Google Cloud Platform since 2016 and am currently working through the 'Getting Started with Google Cloud Learning Path' as a way of exploring with the intention of achieving some certifications.


Level: Beginner

I have been Tableau certified since June, 2020 (Desktop III Advanced) but have never used Tableau in a production environment. However, I do have complementary skills to Tableau with Incorta and Power BI.


Level: Proficient

Incorta is a data analytics platform that is powered by a data lake.

My experience with Incorta is based on professional experience as the Analyst responsible for the platform while at Civeo. I hold all of the certifications available and am the single resource within the company for its system maintenance, bug and enhancement management, data design report design, and report development processes.

Power BI

Level: Beginner

As the I.T Reporting Analyst at Civeo Corporation (2022 to current) I reviewed the adoption of Power BI as a tool for company use. Specifically, the integration of Power BI with our Data Lake (Incorta).

Enterprise Architecture

Level: Competent

My experience with Enterprise Architecture is associated with my time as the Manager of Planning and Architecture at Alberta Municipal Affairs (2007 - 2010) where I developed a 5 year Strategic Plan and was a member of the Provincial Enterprise Architecture committee.


Level: Competent

My exposure to Governance (Information Technology) was during my time at Alberta Municipal Affairs (2007 - 2010) where I introduced CoBIT to the organization and implemented a steering committee comprised of I.T and Business representatives.


Level: Competent

I have been ITIL certified since my time at Alberta Municipal Affairs (2007 - 2010).


Level: Competent

My experience with GIT has been ongoing since 2016. I have taken several courses for instruction (Udacity, Udemy) and have a reasonable amount of experience as a sole developer.


Level: Competent

BitBucket is my version control host of choice. I use this repository for all of my work, including documentation for my studies.


Level: Beginner

I have had some exposure to Atlassian Jira. Most of my work has used JIRA as a way to track software development to-do's as a solo developer.


Level: Beginner

I have used Confluence as a documentation WIKI for several projects.


Level: Competent

HTML is everywhere in my work as a full stack developer. I am reasonably experienced in the basics as I almost exclusively use JSX as my coding abstraction of choice.


Level: Proficient

Most Recent Education: University of Alberta - Full Stack Developer - CSS Module (2023)

Proficiency acquired though a decade of working with User Interfaces and coursework via Udacity, Udemy, textbooks and the University of Alberta.

CSS3, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Material UI


Level: Competent

I use JSX (and sometimes TSX) to write all of my code mainly due to my preference to use React and Next.js

Data Analysis

Level: Beginner

I have many data analysis projects completed during my learning and research work but still consider myself a beginner. An example includes the collection of Australian Harness Racing Results since 1980 which I hope to use as the base for my final project at the University of London.

This data collection uses Python on Google Cloud App Engine that runs on a 24 hour cron cycle to populate a PostgreSQL database and has been a project of mine since 2017.

Rest APIs

Level: Competent

I have designed, built and interacted with REST API's for more than a decade. Examples include Secured Python Backends for data retrieval, development of webhooks, integration of AI base search using Algolia, Integration with 3rd party providers such as Stripe, Sanity and various other SAAS providers.


Level: Competent

PostGreSQL is my database of choice and I have designed, built, and interacted with PostgreSQL via direct SQL queries and ORM (SQL Alchemy, Prisma). I understand relational databases, normalization, and fundamental concepts regarding data storage using RDBMS.

Higher Education

Ongoing from September 2022. Estimated Completion 2025
University of Alberta Logo

University of Alberta

Diploma - Full Stack Developer

Ongoing from September 2022. Estimated Completion 2025
SQL FundamentalsWeb Development FundamentalsCSS3 FundamentalsHTML
April 2022 - October 2028
University of London Logo

University of London

BSc Computer Science - (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

April 2022 - October 2028
Computational MathIntroduction to Programming 1How Computers WorkIntroduction Programming 2Discrete MathematicsAlgorithms and Data Structures
January 1985 - December 1990
New South Wales Department of Technical and Further Education Logo

New South Wales Department of Technical and Further Education

Certificate - Electronics Engineering

January 1985 - December 1990


August 2021 - November 2021

AMII - Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Machine Learning Technician 1

August 2021 - November 2021
March 2020 - Current
Tableau Logo


Tableau Data Scientist

March 2020 - Current
October 2023
Scrum Logo


Scrum Certified Master (SCM)

October 2023


November 2023 to July 2024

Web Coordinator - Contract

This position is a temporary backfill that involved fast on-boarding with the Hockey Canada Web infrastructure, including the headless CMS Agility.

Responsible for Hockeycanada.ca site management including:

  • Microsite Creation
  • Tournament Creation - League Stats
  • Image creation and manipulation
  • Work Management
  • Site Issue resolution
  • Site performance
  • Site integration with partners/service providers

September 2022 to November 2023

I.T Analyst

Responsible for the Incorta Reporting platform including system administration and migration, planning, and data migration. Coordinated reporting requirements with Australian and North American operations to move reporting from legacy platforms to Incorta. This role required a significant amount of self-learning and initiative in an environment that has minimal methodologies, processes, and operational support.

  • Developed and implemented an end-2-end data pipeline from multiple sources, including use of PowerShell scripts, stored procedures and materialized views to deliver reporting data for business occupancy forecasting.
  • Transitioned village occupancy reporting from the Oracle Business Intelligence platform (OBIEE) to Incorta
  • Implemented Single Sign On using Azure Directory
  • Implemented 20+ reports using JDE as a data source

August 2020 to September 2022

Full Stack Developer

Built the proprietary multi-faceted platform using Next.js, React, Sanity.io, PostgreSQL, Python, and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Built an automated research robot to crawl and classify website content.

Built Authorization and Authentication system to meet HIPAA specification for health information and privacy.

November 2016 to July 2019

Owner and Founder

Secured financing through multiple sources to build CrossFit 5413 (a partnership with Rock Jungle Fitness) which was Alberta’s largest CrossFit style gymnasium. This involved renovating a 50-year-old warehouse style building to safety codes and City of Edmonton Building regulations, and property standards.

Planned and carried out renovations of the 12,000 square foot building including the addition of a make up air unit, external fire escape, demolition, and construction of change-rooms, washrooms and shower facilities.

Sourced equipment from local and international sources, hired and trained staff, and developed processes and systems for gym management including membership and accounting.

Grew revenues from $3,000 first month to over $20,000 in 18 months prior to shutdown (Covid related)

May 2015 to June 2015

Information Technology Consultant

Re-focused the application development team to off device computer vision facial recognition to achieve prototype success.The result was ported to in-app when device technology could accommodate the necessary processing.

Worked with the founder to identify and present proprietary solutions to possible partners.

November 2014 to May 2015

Manager of Transportation and Logistics

Responsible for a team of professional heavy hauling drivers

Obtained Class 1 driving license.

Worked with management to prototype inventory management/warehousing using Odoo.

Developed and managed operational budget, team performance, and hiring.

October 2010 to May 2012

Founder and Owner

As the founder and owner, developed a warehouse site to accommodate CrossFit training. Successfully built the business from an existing client base of approx. 20 people to profitability within 2 years.

Exited the business through sale to new owners.

March 2007 to July 2010

Manager of Planning and Architecture

Developed a 7-point, 5-year strategic plan.

Implemented an I.T Governance committee based on CoBit best practices.

Prototypes the introduction of Business Process Automation using Appian.

Implemented Ministry I.T Portfolio and Program Management.

Implemented a cost of ownership modelling tool for the management of purpose-built applications

April 2006 - March 2007

Business Analyst

Systems Lead / Architect representing the Business Office Re-engineering team and Project Horizon.

Project Manager – Business Re-engineering Knowledge Management

Team Lead representing project Horizon and the TELUS Care teams for the National Service Fulfillment process improvement project.

Responsible for gathering and reporting key metrics to support the current versus future state assessment of the Pre-Qualification Status Interface (PSI).

Provided subject matter expertise to the Process Engineering team regarding test methodologies and Agile Software development for the Change of Business Ownership and Billing Adjustments processes.

July 2005 - November 2005

General Manager

Responsible and accountable for the management of both the corporate and operational facilities. Mandate included a strategic focus on customer service, developing an employee culture and profitability. Manages Human Resources, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Operations and Information Technology. Responsible for a dynamic workforce of more than 35 staff.

Key initiatives include:

Implementation of an organizational structure accountable for the delivery and execution of the strategic mandate.

Design and implementation of the organizations information technology architecture.

Design and delivery of several strategies to deliver exceptional customer service and educational programming within the facility.

Implementation of organizational processes and business process management for human resources, operations, accounting and finance

Implementation of cash-flow, balance sheet and profit & loss reporting to the business owners.

Development of protocols to establish and maintain contact with organizational sponsors and partners.

Deliver against contractual obligations to partners and sponsors.

December 2003 to June 2005

Applications Portfolio Manager

Management of 15+ Applications Maintenance and Development Staff by preparing resource requests, role descriptions, assignment briefings and career development.

Efficient management of resources against the baseline budget by preparing resource plans containing current activities and future pipeline work.

Provide project management, leadership, and direction to the baseline maintenance team.

Assist where necessary in the preparation of responses to bids (RFP's).

Responsible for the accurate estimation of out of scope work including project work breakdown structures.

Assisted in the development of Business Architecture for all business areas within Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Monitor and develop service level agreements, contract performance (Budget vs Forecast) and application support statistics.

June 2002 to November 2003

Consultant - Functional Analyst

Develop a conversion strategy and fixed cost assessment for the migration of tombstone data from the PEPP & Capital legacy platforms to the new CPAS pension administration system.

Assess alternatives for the fixed cost implementation of a check writing system for the PEPP / Capital / CPAS system.

Assist the project architect to develop and suggest alternatives for the data archive of tombstone data for the PEPP / Capital / CPAS conversion.

June 2001 to May 2002

Business Analyst

Developed a proposal for a center of excellence within Customer Services to develop and launch products, technology and process using an iterative method.

Defined and identified various system based product rules so that a common vocabulary could be used to communicate with customers, vendors and staff.

Represented Customer Service and Billing on the PeopleSoft proof of concept team.

Delivered a current versus desired state process document that outlined critical Use Cases for Customer Services for both a call center and external High Street locations.

September 2000 to May 2002

Billing and Mediation Systems Analyst

Ventelo was previously known as GTS Telecoms

Support for the implementation of an Oracle based billing system serving a pan-european network of telecommunications providers.

Implemented the Euro Conversion of several billing systems from native currencies to the Euro.

September 1999 - August 2000

Business Analyst

Acted as the relationship manager for a team located in Dusseldorf Germany that was implementing a Customer Relationship project for Vodafone.

Managed the relationship between the German Project Management team, a Dutch integration team, an Israeli Billing Systems team and the US Interactive team.

September 1998 to August 1999

Configuration Analyst

Implemented a AS400 billing system for Sigecom in Evansville, Indiana.

June 1993 to August 1998

Business Analyst - Billing

Represented Billing on several projects including Local Number Portability and managed the Osprey System for satellite telecommunications.

Group Credit Analyst

Responsible for the monthly collections cycle of a portfolio valued at $600m AUD annually. Negotiated settlements (for collection) with service providers such as resellers, AUSSAT users, broadcasting companies and related Telecommunications providers.

The first to identify mis-matched billing accounts as a result of customers pre-selecting Optus as the long distance carrier of choice. Developed software to aggregate and understand the loss of revenue as a result.

Information Technology Internal Auditor

Conducted Information Technology audits of exchanges and assisted in audits of technology infrastructure.

Translations Engineer

Implemented Network Change Orders in various exchange equipment in including Nortel AS100, AS200 and AS300, Enhanced Services Nodes (ESN) and Signaling Transfer Points (STP).

January 1986 - May 1993

Technical Officer

Started as an apprentice in Electronics Engineering and after completing my Diploma I worked in Test Engineering where I developed 'bed of nails' testing using HP 3060 testing facilities.

Developed, implemented and debugged software using PDP 11 for AXE Exchange testing.

Continuous Education

August 2020
Udacity Logo


Data Analyst Nano-Degree

August 2020
January 2016
Udacity Logo


Full Stack Web Developer Nano-Degree

January 2016